At Exar, we focus primarily on people with the goal of increasing their employability and
social inclusion. We have been supporting human capital development and inclusion
through empowerment pathways for more than 20 years. Find out more about our

Customized planning

We take energy from a wide network of services to best support you by defining with you the best strategies to enter or re-enter the job market, improve your professional situation, increase your skills at work and your professional background.

Linguistic and cultural mediation

We foster understanding and communication between people, companies and services. We carry out sign language interpreting (SLI) and intercultural mediation services.

Career counselling

We help you update on job opportunities around you, identify and develop the skills most in demand in the job market

Career guidance

We guide you every step of the way in your professional development through timely and effective coordination and ongoing support in accessing services of various kinds in addition to work.

Educational experiences/work abroad

We fulfil your ambitions to have interesting and useful educational and work experiences abroad.

Targeted employment

If you are a person with disabilities, we integrate you into the world of work and support you in maintaining your employment.
We respect your characteristics and needs by finding together the most suitable and sustainable work environments.

Job placement and retention

If you are unemployed, a first-time jobseeker, or want to change jobs we will get you into work and support you in maintaining employment.

Identification & guidance for validation and certification of skills

We identify, certify and validate the skills you acquire in your professional learning and improvement journey.


Exar is the right driver to guide your company in the market, make the most of your
resources and identify those best suited to your business. Discover our services and let’s
build your tailor-made solution together


Starting with your employment needs, we help you in the search and selection of people best suited to the typical tasks and work environments of your company.
We are also specialists in the search and selection of profiles suitable for people having a legally protected status.

Active policies

We advise you on accessing existing opportunities and facilities for the inclusion of new resources in your staff.
We support you in activating public and private social measures to support employment.


We deal with people leaving your company in the search for new professional opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We help you give due consideration to all diversities, supporting different lifestyles and meeting the needs of all the people you employ. We advise you in defining useful strategies to enhance the strengths of each individual worker by creating a situation of balance and dialogue within the company.

Disability management

We implement professional integration paths characterized by care and integration work for the disabled person, fostering inclusion and enhancing the potential of the vulnerable worker, including through practices that promote socialization and skill development.

Skills development/ employability

We focus primarily on the generation and sharing of knowledge and skills in production processes, helping you achieve your business goals, create value and employability. We support change processes by improving and strengthening your enterprise's
competitiveness in the target market.

Extracurricular internships

We activate extracurricular internships for your company. We support you in the definition
of the training plan and in all the administrative paperwork for the activation of the internship.
We are your reference point during the placement process, we prevent and solve together any difficulties that may arise.

career transition

We support you in all processes that involve shifting the professional career paths of the resources you engage.

Planning and development of social impact services

Exar is engaged in joint planning and development of projects throughout the region to respond to society’s needs in an innovative way. With this goal, Exar wants to create new relationships and new collaborations between stakeholders in their communities.


Starting from the specific need, we support local entities in identifying funding opportunities, to implement specific projects and to increase financial sustainability.

Service design

We support local third sector entities and SMEs in defining and conceiving social impact services in the area.


We support local third sector entities and SMEs in defining and conceiving social impact services in the area.

European planning

We support local third sector entities in the drafting of innovation and social impact projects in the European context.

Capacity building

We support local third sector entities in developing skills on managing co-design pathways, process modelling and optimization, stakeholder engagement and project management.

Social impact assessment

We support local third sector entities in identifying and monitoring the value generated for stakeholders and local communities.

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